Foster Carer Registration Form

Enter all the information and click submit.


Please upload a picture of your licence with your name and residential address on it.


Please tell us about yourself, your living arrangements, other pets and your experience with animals.


I understand that FFARQ Inc is a charity operating on volunteer time and utilising donations to pay vet fees, which are frequently higher than the income derived from adoption fees.

​​I understand that I'm responsible for ensuring my own pet's vaccinations, flea and worm medications are up to date at all times.

​I understand that my team leader at FFARQ Inc organises and pays for veterinary consultations and I must liaise with my team leader if I think my foster pet needs a vet consult.

​I agree to a Furry Friends volunteer visiting my home for an informal chat and to check for potential hazards.

​I agree to keep my foster cats indoors in a home with screened doors and windows or in a safe enclosure at all times. I understand that FFARQ Inc cats are 100% indoors cats.

​I understand that cats must be introduced slowly over time and I'm able to separate my foster cats from my own pets.

​I agree to follow up conversations with adopters to help my foster pet settle into a new home.

I understand that my foster cat must be desexed, vaccinated and microchipped prior to being adopted.

I understand that FFARQ Inc sometimes receives donations of food, medications, litter trays, litter and other supplies which volunteers distribute among carers, prioritising multi-pet carers, however there's no guarantee that FFARQ can supply all meds or pet supplies on an ongoing basis.


I have/will get these supplies for each foster cat prior to arrival. (Your team leader might be able to provide some items from donations if assistance is needed).
* Separate litter tray
* Adequate litter
* Recommended dry and wet foods
* Food and water bowls
* Bedding (washed regularly)
* Vet recommended flea and worm treatments


I declare that I have no more than the council regulated number of pets for my property and I am allowed to keep another pet on my property


You've reached the end! You will see and acknowledgement message after you click on 'Submit'. If you don't, please check to see if you missed any checkboxes on the form and then try again (or check your junk folder). A friendly volunteer will contact you within a day or so. Thank-you so much!