Foster Application

Most cats and dogs will be coming either directly from the Pound or their owner and in many cases may not have been vaccinated and health checked beforehand.
It is very important that your own pets are up to date with their vaccinations, flea & worming preventions to keep them protected against possible diseases such as FIV.

As a foster carer you will be required to keep in regular contact with Little Legs Dog & Cat Rescue Qld Inc, typically via messenger and facebook.
We require clear photos and detailed information on the needs and personality of any cat or dog in your care, for their adoption profiles. The more information you provide the better, as we want to ensure a 100% perfect match for their forever home.
You will also be required to transport the foster animal to and from a Little Legs approved vet for vetwork.

If you wish to apply to foster in two names, please ensure you complete a seperate application & agreement for each person.
All applicants must be over the age of 18 yrs.

We hope your experience fostering with Little Legs Dog & Cat Rescue Qld Inc is an enjoyable one and look forward to saving many little lives with your help!

Terms and Conditions for Foster Caring

Once your foster application is received and approved you will be able to foster any animals through Little Legs Dog & Cat Rescue Qld Inc that are suitable to your circumstances. If you circumstances are to change, you are required to notify the coordinator as soon as possible.
If you should be approved and accept a foster cat/kitten/dog/puppy into your care, you will be subject to (but not limited to) the following requirements;